Sunday, November 19, 2017
D.A.B.S.A Registration

What does Registration provide?

  • Registration affirms Donkeys have equal status with other domestic breeds, and acknowledges the breed foundations in their historical context and development, to present day.
  • Registration is a tool that allows breeders to have a better degree of knowledge and expectation regarding their Donkey’s type and expected size.
  • Registering parentage prevents inbreeding, such as can occur if parentage is lost or unknown in Australia's limited and quite related donkey population.
  • Registration allows notable bloodlines to be identified over time, and aids breeders in selection towards their breeding goals
  • Registering means Donkeys have an identifying brand or microchip - a welfare consideration that lasts the lifespan of the Donkey.
  • Registration improves the welfare of Donkeys, as it means breeders become aware of breed standards and improving conformation - and places some limit on the early breeding of Donkeys.
  • Registration allows a process where a pedigree can be easily passed on if the Donkey changes hands.
  • Registering allows some indication of Donkey population to be known and recorded, rather than being an unknown and unacknowledged quantity.
  • Registration fees enable Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia Inc. to support Donkeys and their owners by providing information, supporting events such as shows, seminars, publicity and awards, and being a presence in the wider community, (eg. our recent submission to Equine Influenza review).
  • Registration provides much information to the buyer, and greatly enhances the value of the stock.




Registration Rules & Guidelines

Australian Miniature Registry

Foal Recording

American Miniature Mediterranean Studbook

Jack Certification

English and Irish Registry

Adult Registration

Pet & Performance

NMDA Miniature Mediterranean Breed Standard


Service Certificate


Australian Teamster

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