Sunday, November 19, 2017
Donkey Info Resources

Useful Guides & References


Donkey Body Condition Score Chart
Weight Recommendations
Donkeys are Different: An Overview of Reproductive Variations from Horses

Members Recommendations of Books/DVD's:


Hoof Care for Donkeys - Australian Donkey Society Qld branch
Just about anything by Pat Parelli
Training your Miniature for Driving Classes - Small Horse Productions
Hitch up and drive - Thomas Vogel production
Saddle Donkey Training - Howdey Fowler


Lucky Three Ranch - Meredith Hodges
Clicker training for horses - Alexandra Kurland
Donkey Driving - J Allen
Step by Step Trick Training - Jackie Johnson
Donkey Business 111 - Berry & Kokas
Breaking & Training the Driving Horse - Doris Ganton
Tom Roberts - Horse Control Books

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