Sunday, November 19, 2017

Goulburn Show 2015

The weather was threatening but it would take more then that to put us off and it turned out to be a lovely day after all. Donkeys of every breed were brought forward and did their owners proud. Numbers were up on last year and the stardard was high.

Thank you to the Goulburn show society for once again providing us with an excellent venue and special thanks to our judge and steward, Jan and Ian Denney.

It is great to see everyone taking part in the performance classes and showing the public just how versatile the donkeys really are. 


2015 Goulburn show results.     

3201. Best Presented handler & donkey/mule/hinnie

          1st.   Abby Dawson.      Eccolstone Valley Echo of


          2nd. Pat Emmett.            Emmett's Cissco

          3rd.  Grace Young.          Hestia of Calypso

3202. Colourarma (broken colour donkey/mule/hinnie)

          1st.  Alex Hillier.              Samara Paluda Kingston

          2nd. Ryan Blackman.     Joys Lady Marmalade

          3rd.  Tracey Hillier.          Samara Paluda Diego       


3203. Led AMMD Jenny  

          1st.  Grace Young.            Taranganba Heaven

          2nd. Noeline Cassettari    Grawood Chelsea

          3rd.  Ryan Blackman.       Joys Lady Marmalade

3204. Led AMMD Gelding  

           1st Tracey Hillier.              Joys Calypso

3204a Led AMMD under 12mths any sex

           1st. Abby Dawson             Eccolstone Valley Echo of Red

           2nd Joan Young.               Joys Nania

3206. Led English

           1st Tracey Hillier.             Ranger

3207a. Led Teamster any sex

            1st. Anna  Bunston .       SouthernSky Salvation Jane

3207. Led Mammoth Jenny (including partbreeds )

           1st  Grace Young.            Hestia of Calypso

3208. Led Mammoth Gelding (including part breeds)

            1st Barry Emmett.      Awupini the President

            2nd Tracey Hillier.      Samara Paluda Franklin D

3209. Led Pet and Performance Any sex

            1st. Alex Hillier.          Samara Paluda Kingston

            2nd Pat Emmett.        Emmett's Cissco

            3rd Tracey Hillier.       Samara Paluda Diego

PERFORMANCE (Open to Donkeys, Mules and Hinnies)

3214. Led Rider

          1st. Grace Young.        Hestia of Calyspo

3215. Ridden

           1st. Anna Bunston.     Southern Sky Salvation Jane

           2nd Barry Emmett.     Awupini the President

           3rd. Joan Young.        Hestia of Calypso

3216. Pack.  

          1st. Mick Dougherty    Taranganba Heaven

3217. Led trail.    

          1st. Pat Emmett.           Emmett's Cissco

          2nd Anna Bunston        Southern Sky Salvation Jane

          3rd Abby Dawson.         Eccolstone Valley Echo of Red

3218. Long-rein trail.    

          1st. Pat Emmett.            Emmett's Cissco

          2nd Tracey Hillier.         Samara Paluda Kingston

          3rd Joan Young.          Hestia of Calypso


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