English / Irish Donkey

Breed Registry


The English and Irish Donkey is compact and small, but strong and sturdy, with an excellent temperament. It is a very active and willing Donkey. All these qualities make the English and Irish Donkey an ideal pet or a safe mount for children and adults alike and an eager and sturdy harness animal.

The English Donkey Society of Australia was founded in late 1976 by a small group of enthusiasts for the breed who had either imported pure-bred Donkeys from England, Ireland or New Zealand, or who had the first generation progeny of these Donkeys.

The aim in founding the English Donkey Society of Australia was to keep as pure as possible the breeding of the English and Irish Donkey, and to maintain breeding records. In addition to the registration of pure-bred and part-bred Donkeys, a register of ID (identification) Jennies was started. This was necessary as so few 100% Jennies were imported in the early days of breeding. Meeting certain requirements, these Jennies were then bred with 100% stock to upgrade.

Well bred registered English and Irish Donkeys are ideal for breeders, and for those who want a quality Donkey of known breeding, and with the conformation and temperament to be a good performance animal.

The English/Irish Register has 5 grades of Donkey, these being: 100%, 87.5%, 75%, 50%, and identification (ID) Jennies. To obtain a 50%, Jennies must be identification (ID) recorded, and bred with a registered 100% Jack. The general principle is that to upgrade you need to use a registered 100% Jack or Jenny.

Progeny outcomes:

ID Jennies must be bred with 100% Jacks to obtain 50% 50% + 100% = 75% 50% + 87.5% = 50% 50% + 75% = 50% 50% + 50% = 50% 75% + 100% = 87.5% 75% + 87.5% = 75% 75% + 75% = 75% 87.5% + 100% = 100% 87.5% + 87.5% = 87.5>#/p###

100% English or Irish Donkey is defined as:

An English or Irish donkey imported from England or Ireland or Progeny of two such Donkeys or Progeny of two English/Irish Donkeys who are both registered as 100% in the DABSA Stud Book or Progeny of a registered 87.5% and a registered 100% English/Irish Donkey with DABSA

To Register a Donkey in The Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia Stud Book:

  • You must be a member of D.A.B.S.A Inc.
  • Register a Stud Name- $10

Identification (ID) Jennies:

  • Jenny should be of English/Irish heritage and type.
  • The maximum height for eligibility to the ID register is 11 hands.

Temporary registration:

Immature Donkeys (under 3 years of age) which have both parents registered with D.A.B.S.A. Sire and Dam must be adult registered, (mature up-date), before the time of foaling.

Mature up – date:

(Permanent registration) - at 3 years of age. New photos are required and registration certificate forwarded to Registrar.


  1. Application to register form filled out
  2. Service certificate required for temporary registration
  3. Photos – 4 photos [2 each side, one side with head turned towards the camera]
  4. Copies of any registration certificates from other relevant societies
  5. Height to be taken by independent person
  6. For “ mature update” at 3 years of age, new photos required and registration certificate forwarded to Registrar
  7. Vet Certificate of soundness on the DABSA form is required for all Jacks before breeding.

Registration Fees:

  • Foals $10
  • ID Jennies $10
  • Jennies $20
  • Jacks $35
  • Geldings $10 – If Jack is later gelded, a refund of $25.00 will be provided on receipt of gelding certificate.

Transfer $5 (responsibility of vendor)

Dual registration $5 (if registered in any other D.A.B.S.A Inc. Register)