History of the Society


The Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia Inc. has evolved from the original English Donkey Society of Australia Inc. The English Donkey Society of Australia was founded in 1976 by a small group of enthusiasts who had either imported purebred English/Irish Donkeys from England, Ireland or New Zealand, or, who had first generation progeny of these Donkeys. The Society name was later changed to The English and Irish Donkey Society of Australia to recognize both places of origin of the imported stock.

To maintain breeding records, a Stud Book was formed for Pure Bred Donkeys, and also a Register for Part Bred English/Irish Donkeys. A supplementary Register of Identification (I.D.) mares was also started. The I.D Register was necessary as there were so few Pure-Bred mares imported to Australia in the early days of breeding. These I.D mares had to meet certain criteria. Criteria were that they be English/Irish in type and heritage, and under 11 hands high. Progeny of these females, by registered Pure Bred Jacks are eligible for registration as Part Breeds.The Register records breeding in a range of categories: I.D, 50%, 75%, 87.5%, and 100% (Pure Bred). In 2002 the Society created a separate Miniature Registry.

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This Registry was open to all breeds of Donkeys meeting certain height requirements. Then in 2003 the aims of the Society were extended to include all other breeds of Donkeys in Australia, as well as Mules.

In 2004 the Society's name was changed from the “English & Irish Donkey Society of Australia Inc.”, to the “English & Irish Donkey Society of Australia All Breeds Register Inc.” so as to reflect our mission to promote and preserve the different breeds and types of Donkeys and Mules in Australia, and to maintain breeding records in the form of Registration papers and Stud Books for each breed. 2008 has seen the Society evolve further, and a final name change was agreed upon.

The Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia Inc. is now a thriving and broad-based organisation, encompassing and including all types and breeds of Donkey in Australia.

We maintain the following Registers & Stud Books

More information for each classification can be found on the Breeds & Types page.

Australian Teamster Australian Teamster

Australian Teamster

Learn more about the Australian Teamster Donkey history and it's breed!

Mule / Hinny Mule / Hinny

Mule / Hinny

It's just Important to keep records of Hybrids!