Versatility Hall of Fame Awards

Versatility Hall of Fame Awards Award (VHOFA) is an award for which any breed, size or type of Donkey, Mule, or Hinny registered with Donkey All Breeds Society of Australia Inc. (DABSA) is eligible.

The purpose of the award is to recognise people who use their animals in a variety of ways which assists in educating and creating awareness of this wonderful animal. It is designed to acknowledge those animals and their owners who promote the breeds to the public through activities that demonstrate their animals' versatility and usefulness.

Entrants are awarded points in many fields of endeavor, reflecting the above values. The award is designed to reward the versatile and hard-working Donkey, Mule, or Hinny, and their owners.


Single animal entry (Individual Animal)

To enter, forward the following items:

  • The program name (SINGLE ENTRY)
  • The Name and The registration number of the animal
  • Owner’s name, address, phone number and email address
  • Your entry fee of $15

Youth Entry (one youth and any number of animals registered with DABSA)

To enter, forward the following items:

  • The Program Name (YOUTH ENTRY)
  • Youth’s name, age, address, phone number and email address
  • Name of family which is a member
  • Relationship of that member to the youth entered
  • Your entry fee of $10

Stud Entry (all listed, registered animals on the entrant’s farm contribute towards the award)

To enter, forward the following items:

  • The Program Name (STUD ENTRY)
  • Member, Stud Prefix, List of all the names & registrations of the animals to be included (additional donkeys may be entered later if desired) Your entry fee of $15


  • Animals that may be enrolled: Any Donkey, Mule or Hinny owned by the entrant and registered with DABSA may be enrolled in VHOF. (Horses, Ponies or other animals do not count towards this award).
  • If you wish the owner/handler to be honored with the animal, please put down the name of this person.
  • Youth Entrants: Any person 18 years or under who is, or whose parent or grand parent is a current member of DABSA.
  • Stud Entrants: Any DABSA member who wishes to enter his/her Stud for the award must first have a registered Stud Prefix with DABSA.