Miniature - Australian and Foundation

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Similar to the American Donkey & Mule Society’s Miniature Registry, this register is a height rather than breed register. It is open to English/Irish and American Miniature Mediterranean Donkeys from Miniature stock, as well as any mature Donkey (5 years +) which meet the height criteria. English/Irish Donkeys can increase in height until the age of five, therefore, in order to maintain the integrity of this register, mature updates will be at 5 years.

Reflecting the small number of Miniature Donkeys in Australia, the Miniature Donkey Registry of Australia currently accepts Donkeys up to 38”or 9.2hh.

Australian Miniature- 36" and under

Foundation Miniature- Over 36" and up to and including 38"

This register also records all known pedigree information, including overseas registered animals.